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In 1980 I began a Career in Retail Display which eventually sparked the idea to start my Company, Karen McClain Visuals, Inc. in 1990. Inspired by my popular sculpture - a giant Saguaro cactus utilized as a display prop - I created a whole herd of characters designed as accent pieces for inside as well as outside. The combination of fantastic shapes and colors then found their way onto one-of-a-kind furniture pieces ...I love to create Art that compliments a specific environment.

The evolution into Decorative Painting came from a distinct desire to create on a bigger surface, to be challenged with transforming a space using imagination, technique and most importantly COLOR.

Self taught for the first 8 years of my career I took my first class from one of the best in the World, Mike Macneil, from whom I learned so much about the history of the Craft, about the Artistry and passion necessary to create distinctive and exemplary Decorative Finishes. I hosted him at my studio to teach a number of times and am honored to call him my Sensei. We went on to collaborate with many others in the industry to help establish the Decorative Standards P-19 for the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America) . I was an 18 year Contractor Member, very active in the Washington State Council,  Tacoma and King County Chapters as well as serving on the PDCA National Board from 2010-2012. 


Shows and Galleries

What is a Freaky Fraidy Cat?  Dogasaurus Rex? Funky Chicken? Lowrider Kitty? Corn Dog? Amoeba Cow? O-Mega Dog? Perfect Perch? Busy Bee? Fabulous Flamboyance?

They are my children, from tiny Christmas Ornaments to giant Yard Art statements... they sit on your table, camp out on your lawn, become a wall clock to tell time for you and are painted on every conceivable surface! Dimensional Animals are hand cut and embellished, using many diverse materials...

   Let's Get In Touch !

Small or Large, every space deserves an interesting piece of Art. I accumulate treasures to re-purpose. Over the course of my career I have developed an extensive collection of

"Paintable Treasures." Tap into my ever changing archive or bring me something NEW.

When I'm working on a Show I choose color palettes that excite me. My Decorative Painting

expertise comes into play quite often. Inspiration comes to me from the most unusual places...

"It has to have good bones!" I am always on the hunt for unusual specimens that have interesting surfaces to embellish. Heirloom pieces have been brought to me to "give them a new dress." Just because Auntie Maude's buffet is in the garage, if we embellish it it's still Auntie Maude's Buffet, right? I want to tell a story. The collections usually have many components to them...I see the whole story in my minds eye - the trick is to capture it in physical form. All pieces I create are one-of-a-kind, signed and dated. Since 1989!

Celebrating 31 years 

May 11, 2021

​​​​​​​​​​ I have been in the "Embellishment Business" in various forms for over 31 years. I can discover the perfect solution for any   color challenge. 

 I LISTEN. I ask questions. I evaluate. I collaborate...with you right by my side! 

Color Consulting ~  I believe in balance, in designing what a room can handle in both Color and in personality.

I'm really a detective of sorts. I will get you to the place that you will be able to imagine your Artistic Vision. We'll develop a  practical method and a plan to help you realize your Dream. Want to choose new colors for your Home? Let me advise you so

that you'll be confident you made the right choice. I will make it a simple and enjoyable experience and help you create an environment that reflects both your personality and aesthetic sensibilities.

Hand Painted Accessories, Animal Sculptures and Furniture ~ I will be creating more of this work to sell in the future,

here at my Studio and here on the Web! Stay tuned for details. Commissioned pieces are a labor of love for me. Over the years I have created heirlooms for so many. All signed, one-of a-kind treasures. Every one of them.​ Looking forward to many more!

Decorative Painting Design and Instruction~ I am available to design a Custom Finish for any specific Project and to actually train either professional or novice applicators how to achieve desired results.  Tools and Materials are crucial for the ultimate success of your Project. Let me help you create an amazing finish by teaching you with my tested Tricks of the Trade.

Call or email me for details! 


 Welcome to Colour 


Animal Sculptures/ Yard Art 

​​​​​ A Bit of Background 

Painted Furniture

It would be like conducting an Orchestra. Imagine any variation of these beautiful Finishes on your Accent Wall or in your Powder Room? I can teach step-by-step how to create a masterpiece. I am available to coach on site, guiding each step of the process. Tips and tricks included!

​Color is key, but so is the correct choice of materials and of course the very specific tools needed for application.

One on one instruction. What could be a better recipe for success?


Custom Art ​​

Home Decor

Painted Furniture 

Color Consultation

Decorative Finishes

Hand Painted Accessories

​ph 253.572.9320


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